2024 is here! Journeys in Paradise have started.

If you really want to spice up your vacation, consider a hybrid trip.  What’s a “hybrid” trip? A trip that combines multiple travel combinations.  Have you ever thought of taking a 4-day cruise to Alaska and combine it with a rail or riverboat tour to visit Denali National Park (Mt McKinley) and an overnight hike to experience the Northern Lights or cross the North Pole? This is a unique type of Journey that provides a much more immersive and personal experience with the various cultures and customs of the region.

How about a small group sailing adventure to the Bahamas and Caribbean to visit more remote areas that are not necessarily on tourist maps.  Mix in hikes to explore ancient ruins and Scuba Diving coral reefs and underwater wrecks, and we have built a custom adventure designed specifically for you and/or your group.

I’m here to help plan the ultimate vacation with almost an endless variety of excursions and activities to choose from.  Fill out the Contact Form, let me know what you desire to see and do, and join our unique group of explorers and adventurers.

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