We are so excited to work with you to create the journey that make memories of a lifetime. We want to work with you to create those memories, not just plan a trip. So, with that said, let me introduce myself to you.

My name is Donya Summers, the owner of Summers in Paradise LLC. I started out planning family tropical dive trips and discovered that I really enjoyed putting together these trips. Researching new places to go and dive was a challenge. Yes, our family is a very big scuba diving group spanning three generations. Discovering new places became a game for me to find unique destinations we haven’t been before. Not only did I plan the dives, I also would try to find new attractions to experience and new foods to savor. This could be a challenge since a lot of our trips were to the Florida Keys, Bahamas and the Caribbean without a vast amount of real estate.

Also, I am a military brat, wife, and mom with two kids in the military, I have traveled from coast to coast and back again. Traveling with either my dad or my husband I have been blessed to see a great deal of this country.

Another reason for pursuing this adventure is because of my husband, Tim, and his service dog, Tanna. As a disabled combat veteran, researching and learning how to travel with a service animal has changed the way we plan vacations. Don’t get me wrong, we still go on scuba diving trips, but now we need to make sure we have a place for Tanna while we are diving.

Our niche is helping disabled veterans with or without service dogs to make those memories of a lifetime. We have been learning how to travel with a service dog the past few years, since my husband has one now. As a military brat and wife, I know veterans are like one big family and take care of each other.

Last year, I launched Summers in Paradise, so that you could have the freedom to pursue your travel dreams. I want to work with you to create that special journey so you can make those memories which will last a lifetime.